The Devil`s Blind Spot is a Berlin-Portland based music collective...

The Devil’s Blind Spot was formed in mid-summer 2011 by brothers Jerry, John and Tim Blue.

Having worked together in different bands and projects over the years, the idea here was to take years of experience of playing and performance, and to merge this with both a kind of homage to our different influences such as Dub, Hip-Hop, Noise and Psychedelia and the subject matter of a turbulent, present day world.

Soon after recordings were begun, drummer Daniel Grinstead, Guitarist Axel Scheele, and keyboardist Elsa Aleluia were brought into the sessions. The Devil’s Blind Spot as a name came into being after it was discovered many of the players had read the book of the same title by Alexander Kluge. The Devil`s Blind Spot is a Berlin-Portland, Oregon based collective of musicians. The original tracks for the songs were passed through the internet

The Music is strongly influenced by Film, Poems and Arts in general and is mixing genres like Hip Hop, electronic and experimental music using different samples and effects.

The DBS is performing in Berlin as a power trio with Drums, Bass, Guitar, and several Loopers, Samplers and Synthesizers and in Portland as an experimental improvisation duo. We are hoping that fate will bring us all together to play on the same stage

Watch out for "Trained to see red" and upcoming shows on this site.